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Children’s First Teeth

  • If this is your first time having children, you should know that your baby’s first tooth will likely appear after about six months of age, and from two to three years of age, tooth extraction continues.
  • During this period, there may be problems with tooth extraction, many children feel uncomfortable during this time, tooth extraction is often a serious condition, sometimes resin comes out of the baby’s mouth, diarrhea and lack of sleep.

How to prevent children during tooth extraction: –

  • World-renowned Homeopathic Medicine Bio 21 pills help your child during tooth extraction and provide relief / comfort.
  • Children should start using these pills when they are five months old, so they easily extract their teeth and do not suffer from calcium deficiency.
  • The use of bio-21 pills strengthens the body and bones of children, digestion is right, diarrhea does not occur, and above all, children are protected from the inconvenience of conventional teeth extraction.Children's First Teeth, Teeth Extraction (English/Urdu) Teething Problems

Children's First Teeth, Teeth Extraction (English/Urdu) Teething Problems

Children’s First Teeth, Teeth Extraction (English/Urdu)