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MHS Physiotherapy | Various diseases are treated with modern scientific methods and modern machines۔ MHS Physiotherapy / Speech Therapy Psychology & Rehabilitation Service at home in different cities i.e. Islamabad / Rawalpindi / Lahore & Karachi. Some of the major diseases that can be cured through physiotherapy: –

Mental and Physical Weaknessذہنی اور جسمانی کمزوری
Nerve Painعصاب کا درد
Muscle Twitchپٹھوں کا کچھاو
Jam shoulderجام کندھا
Arthritisجوڑوں کا درد
Knee Painگھٹنوں کا درد
Muscle Painپٹھوں کا درد
Hearing of Hands and Feetہاتھ پاوں کا سن ہونا
Neck Painگردن کا درد
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