Important English Essays for School and College Students

Important English Essays for Students:

Best Collection of “Important English Essays for School and College Students”. Select a Essay from list given below: –


1.My Father
2.My Brother
3.My Sister
4.My Grand Mother
5.My Family
6.My Favourite Teacher – I
7.My Best Friend
8.My School
9.My Village
10.My Garden
11.My Hobby – Drawing
12.My Hobby – Reading
13.My Neighbour
14.My Pet Cat
15.My Pet Rabbit
16.My Favourite Fruit
17.The First Gift I Received
18.Save Trees
19.My Favourite Book
20.My Favourite Singer
21.My Favourite Photo
22.My Favourite Food
23.My Favourite Colour
24.What I Like to Do on Sunday
25.The Games I Like Most
26.My Best Friend – II
27.My Pet Rabbit – II
28.My Hobby – Playing
29.My Self
30.My Study Room
31.Life in a Village
33.Artificial Intelligence
34.My Favourite Teacher – II 
37.Poverty in India
38.Essay on Music
39.Wonders of Science
40.Communal Harmony
41.Importance of Technology
42.Reading is Good Habit
43.Emotional Intelligence
44.Leadership Qualities
45.Peace and Harmony

Essays in English serve as both a window to the soul of the author and a mirror reflecting the complexities of the world. Through the artful interplay of words, these literary compositions transcend mere sentences, weaving intricate tapestries of thought, emotion, and perspective. They are vessels of exploration, allowing writers to voyage through the boundless landscapes of human experience, philosophy, and imagination. Essays are the voices of thinkers, dreamers, and activists, echoing through time to challenge our assumptions, inspire our actions, and ignite our curiosity. With each essay, a piece of the author’s soul is bared, inviting readers to share in the intimate dance of ideas and emotions, bridging the gaps that separate us in this diverse tapestry of existence. In the realm of essays, the written word becomes a powerful catalyst for understanding, empathy, and transformation, forging connections that transcend time and culture.

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Important English Essays for School and College Students