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Swiss Authorized Representative for Medical Devices: If you are a manufacturer of medical devices based outside of Switzerland, it is likely that you will need to appoint a Swiss Authorized Representative (AR) to meet the regulatory requirements for your product to be sold in Switzerland. In this guide, we will explain what an AR is, what their role is, and how to find a reliable one.

What is a Swiss Authorized Representative?

An AR is an individual or an organization that is based in Switzerland and is authorized to act on behalf of a non-Swiss manufacturer. They are responsible for ensuring that the manufacturer complies with the Swiss regulatory requirements for medical devices.

The Swiss regulatory authority for medical devices is Swissmedic. Swissmedic requires manufacturers to have an AR if they are based outside of Switzerland and are looking to sell their products in the Swiss market.

What is the role of a Swiss Authorized Representative?

The role of a Swiss AR is to ensure that the manufacturer meets all the regulatory requirements for the marketing and distribution of medical devices in Switzerland. This includes:

  1. Registering the manufacturer and their products with Swissmedic.
  2. Ensuring that the manufacturer has the necessary technical documentation and other supporting documents required by Swissmedic.
  3. Cooperating with Swissmedic to ensure that the manufacturer complies with all the regulatory requirements.
  4. Communicating with the manufacturer to ensure that they are aware of any changes in the regulatory requirements.
  5. Handling any adverse events that may occur with the manufacturer’s products in Switzerland.
  6. Acting as a point of contact between Swissmedic and the manufacturer.

How to find a reliable Swiss Authorized Representative?

Finding a reliable Swiss AR is important for manufacturers because the AR will be acting on their behalf in Switzerland. Here are some steps to follow when searching for a Swiss AR:

  • Look for an AR with experience: You should look for an AR with experience in dealing with the Swiss regulatory authorities. They should have a good understanding of the regulatory requirements for medical devices in Switzerland.
  • Check their credentials: The AR should be authorized by Swissmedic to act on behalf of the manufacturer. You can check this by contacting Swissmedic directly.
  • Get references: You should ask for references from other manufacturers that the AR has worked with in the past. This will give you an idea of their reputation and how well they work with clients.
  • Assess their communication skills: You should assess the AR’s communication skills to ensure that they can communicate effectively with Swissmedic and the manufacturer.
  • Evaluate their pricing: The AR should provide you with a transparent pricing structure that is competitive with other providers in the market.

However, you can find a list of authorized representatives for medical devices in Switzerland on the website of Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products. Here are the general steps you can follow to find the list:

  • Go to the Swissmedic website at
  • Click on “Medical Devices” on the menu at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to “Authorized representatives” and click on the link.
  • You should now see a page with a list of authorized representatives for medical devices in Switzerland.

Please note that this information may be subject to change and it’s always best to verify with the relevant authorities.


Appointing a Swiss Authorized Representative is an important step for manufacturers who want to sell their medical devices in Switzerland. The AR acts on behalf of the manufacturer and ensures that they comply with the Swiss regulatory requirements for medical devices. When searching for an AR, it is important to look for one with experience, check their credentials, get references, assess their communication skills, and evaluate their pricing. A reliable Swiss AR can help ensure that the manufacturer’s products meet all the regulatory requirements in Switzerland, and help avoid any issues or delays in the approval process.

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Swiss Authorized Representative for Medical Devices – Switzerland