Saudi Arabia Announces Full Scholarships to Pakistani Students

Saudi Arabia Announces Full Scholarships to Pakistani Students: Pakistani students can now enroll in the top 25 universities in the kingdom thanks to 700 fully funded scholarships offered by Saudi Arabia.

According to the official Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), the Riyadh embassy declared in a notification that the kingdom would offer 700 fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students to pursue diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in 25 Saudi Arabian universities.

Embassy Announced in a Notification:

The embassy announced in a notification that “the number of scholarships was 600, which has now been increased to 700,” according to the APP.

Students in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who are legally residing in both categories are eligible to apply for the scholarships via the following website:

Additionally, the kingdom gave 600 Pakistani students fully funded scholarships the previous year.

Tuition, a monthly stipend of between 850 and 900 riyals, housing, return tickets, medical care, and a furnishing allowance for married students for three months were all covered by the program.

Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW):

Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW) offered Pakistan its most prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship back in October of this year.

This is the first time an Australian university has offered scholarships of this kind to Pakistan, according to a statement released by the Pakistan High Commission.

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Saudi Arabia Announces Full Scholarships to Pakistani Students