How to Apply Nadra B-Form or CRC, NADRA B-Form Fee

How to Apply Nadra B-Form or CRC: The Child Registration Certificate, also known as the B-form, is now required by the Pakistani government in order to access certain services; however, obtaining the document is taking longer than in previous years. B-form is being issued from the place of origin and was introduced for people under the age of eighteen.

NADRA has been granted authorization to expedite the process of obtaining B-form, or Child Registration Certificates, in recent years. You can obtain the document by presenting the union council with proof of your childbirth. The child’s parents must possess a National Identity Card (NIC) or a National Identity Card for Pakistanis Owing to Overseas Pakistan (NICOP).

Procedure to Apply NADRA B Form:

  • To apply for a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or B-form, please go to the closest NADRA Registration Center (NRC).
  • Get a token first after visiting the NADRA branch.
  • Take your fingerprints and photos.
  • Operate will input the information you need and provide a printout.
  • After the form is printed and delivered to you, please turn it in to the relevant NRC after having a gazetted officer attest to it. If your mother or father is available when you apply at the NRC, their biometrics can be taken; therefore, the form does not need to be attestationd.

NADRA B-Form Fee:

The standard application fee for the CRC is Rs. 50, while the executive category NADRA costs Rs. 500.

Normal FeeExecutive Fee

B-form Delivery Time:

  • Normally it will take 5 working days.

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How to Apply Nadra B-Form or CRC, NADRA B-Form Fee