Honda Pridor Installment Plans in Pakistan

Honda Pridor Installment Plans in Pakistan

Honda Pridor Installment Plans in Pakistan: After two consecutive price increases, people are now searching for simple payment plans to purchase new motorcycles, with the price of the Honda Pridor reaching Rs. 2 lac. As a result, the market for cars and bikes has entered a no-man’s land.

  • Although there were no significant changes to the Honda Pridor’s design, its sturdy and performance helped it maintain its reputation as a niche product alongside the Honda 125 and CD 70.
  • The 100cc bike is a perfect combination of power and contemporary design because it provides a fun ride without breaking the bank.
  • The two-wheeler has a wrapped silencer and a masked headlight, and it is equipped with an OHC engine and excellent suspension. Its unmatched dependability and immense power allowed it to outperform its competitors.
  • Because the top Honda models, such as the 150cc, are not fuel-efficient, people who are tired of inflation and are searching for affordable transportation choose the Pridor.

Installment Plan for Honda Pridors:

The car giant unveiled a number of installment plans with terms ranging from three months to three years. On the other hand, the option with no markup is only available for a brief duration. Every city has installment plans available, and the closest dealership will handle delivery. Installment Plan for Honda Pridor with Bank Alfalah: –

Honda PridorMonthly Installment Plan
3 Months PlanRs.69,700 (Zero Mark-up)
6 Months PlanRs.34,800 (Zero Mark-up)
9 Months PlanRs.27,100
12 Months PlanRs.21,300
18 Months PlanRs.15,500
24 Months PlanRs.12,600
36 Months PlanRs.9,700

Pakistani Honda Pridor’s Price:

Honda recently released a new price list and refuted rumors that it was cutting prices. per the list of prices. The current price of the Honda Pridor for November 2023 is Rs.208,900/-.

Fuel average:

The average fuel economy of a Honda Pridor is 45 to 55 km per liter; however, this can vary depending on maintenance and bike condition.


The Honda Pridor comes in three color options: red, blue, and black.

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Honda Pridor Installment Plans in Pakistan