Honda CD 70 2024 Zero Markup Installment Plan

Honda CD 70 2024 Zero Markup Installment Plan

Honda CD 70 2024 Zero Markup Installment Plan: The majority of the population rides the well-known Honda CD 70, which is produced by the oldest bike manufacturer in the nation. Due to the bike’s rising popularity, Atlas Honda raised motorcycle prices at least six times in 2023.

  • Honda motorcycles, particularly the CD 70 and CD 125, topped sales charts and made up more than half of the local bike industry’s share in prior years while the nation’s auto industry remained under strain.
  • The bike, which has a strong fuel economy and recognizable frame and engine, underwent minor modifications. With a new sticker and a different color scheme, the Honda CD 70 2024 model was identical to the prior one.
  • Honda CD 70 and other models continue to be well-known despite the skyrocketing costs. However, some people are searching for simple payment plans to upgrade their current bike or purchase a new one.

Honda CD 70 Installment Plan:

Easy installment plans are available for the Honda CD 70 and other models from a number of commercial banks. The Honda CD 70 installment plan with MCB is shown below: –

Honda CD 70 2024 ModelTotal Price Rs.157,900
3 Months PlanRs.52,630 (zero mark-up)
6 Months PlanRs.26,300 (zero mark-up)
12 Months PlanRs.16,100
18 Months PlanRs.11,700
24 Months PlanRs.9,600
30 Months PlanRs.8,300
36 Months PlanRs.7,505

Honda CD 70’s Price

Rumors circulated in recent months that Honda and numerous other companies had declared a significant reduction in motorcycle prices due to the appreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar. The report proved to be untrue because Honda CD 70, CG125, and other model prices were never lowered.

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Honda CD 70 2024 Zero Markup Installment Plan