Books & Guides for Class 1 to 10:

In this section you can read online / download free books, guides & solutions from Class-I to Class-X to your choice.

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Class - I

Guides & Notes:

1.Urdu(Click Here)
2.General Knowledge(Click Here)
3.Islamiyat(Click Here)
4.English(Click Here)
5.Mathematics(Click Here)


1.Urdu Qaida(Click Here)
Class - II

Coming Soon

Class - III

Work Books:

1.Prepositions of Time(Click Here)

More Books will be uploaded shorlty

Class - IV


1.Computer Worksheets(Click Here)
Class - V

Coming Soon

Class - VI

Coming Soon

Class - VII

Coming Soon

Class - VIII
  • Books & Guides (Coming Soon)

Past Papers for Class 8th:

Class - IX
1.Essays (English)(Click Here)
2.Learn Tenses (English Grammar)(Click Here)

More Subjects will be uploaded soon

Class - X


1.Parts of Speech(Click Here)
2.Essays (English)(Click Here)
3.Learn Tenses (English Grammar)(Click Here)

Solved & Guess Papers:

1.Physics – 10(Click Here)
2.Urdu – 10(Click Here)

More Subjects will be uploaded soon

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Download Books & Guides From Class 1 to 10 (Solutions for All Level)

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